Constitution and By-Laws




This organization shall be known as the Sugar Land Little League,
hereinafter referred to as “Local League.”


Section 1
The objective of the Local League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the
ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority, so that they
may be well adjusted, stronger, and happier children and so that they will grow to be good, decent,
healthy and trustworthy citizens.

Section 2
To achieve this objective the Local League will provide a supervised program under the Rules and
Regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated. All Directors, Officers and Members shall bear
in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skills or the winning of games is secondary, and
that molding the future citizens is the prime importance. In accordance with Section 501-(c)-(3) of
the Federal Internal Revenue Code, the Local League shall operate exclusively as a non-profit
educational organization providing a supervised program of competitive baseball games. No part of
the net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, no substantial
part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence
legislation, and which does not participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any
candidate for public office.


Section 1
Eligibility: Any person sincerely interested in active participation to affect the objective
of the Local League may apply to become a member. The Secretary shall maintain the
role of membership to qualify voting members.

Section 2

There shall be the following classes of members:

(A) Player Member: Any player candidate meeting the requirements of Little League
Regulation IV and who resides within the authorized boundaries of the Local League
shall be eligible to compete for participation, but shall have no rights, duties or
obligations in the management of the Local League.

(B) Regular Member: The legal guardian of a child playing in the Local League or any adult
volunteer. A Regular Member will have the right to attend the annual meeting for 
election of Board Members and Officers or any other meeting. Regular Members are
entitled to vote on any issue at the annual meeting and parent’s meeting, but their
voting is limited to one vote per family. Active Volunteer: All adult volunteers must be
approved by the Board of Directors. An Active Volunteer will have the right to attend the
annual meeting for the election of Board Members and Officers.

(C) As used hereinafter, the word “Member” shall mean a Regular Member unless otherwise stated.

(D) All Officers, Board Members and other elected or appointed officials must be active
Regular Members in good standing.

Section 3
Other Affiliations

(A) Members, whether Regular or Player, shall not be required to be affiliated
with another organization or group to qualify as a member of the Local League.

(B) Managers and Coaches of Tournament Teams shall not manage or coach in any other
sports program during the Local Leagues Tournament Season.

Section 4
Suspension or Termination

Membership may be terminated by resignation or action of the Board of Directors.

(A) The Board of Directors, by two-thirds vote of those present at any duly constituted
meeting, shall have the authority to discipline, suspend and/or terminate the
membership of any Member of any class when the conduct of such person is
considered detrimental to the best interests of the Local League and/or Little League,
Incorporated. The Member involved shall be notified of such meeting, informed the
general nature of the charges, and given an opportunity to appear at the meeting to
answer such charges.

(B) The Board of Directors shall, in the case of a Player Member, give notice to the
manager of the team of which the player is a member. Said manager shall appear, in
the capacity of an advisor, with the player and his/her legal guardian, before a duly
appointed committee of the Board of Directors, which shall have full power (by two-thirds
vote of those present at any duly constituted meeting – quorum is required) to
suspend or revoke such players rights to future participation.

(C) Any Board Member who is unable to attend a scheduled meeting is to notify another
Board Member that they cannot attend. Three (3) unexcused absences could result in
termination of their Board position.


Section 1
Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Members of the Local League shall be held in the first
week of May in each year for the purpose of electing Members of the Board of Directors,
receiving reports and for the transactions of such business and may properly come before the
meeting. Notice of the Annual Meeting for review of the financial statements, activities for the year
and election of the Members of the Board of Directors for the coming year will be publicly (by mail,
email, phone, public announcements, etc.) given at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting.

Section 2
Special Meeting

Special Meetings of the Regular Members may be called by the Board of Directors or by the
Secretary or President at their discretion. Upon the written request of ten (10) 
the President shall call a special meeting to consider a specific subject. No business 
other than that
specified in the notice of the meeting shall be transacted at any 
special meeting of the Members.

Section 3

Only Regular Members shall be entitled to vote at any annual or specially called meeting of
the Local League. The President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Agent,
Safety Officer and League Vice Presidents shall be elected by the Regular Members of the Local League.

Only one (1) vote per family will be permitted.

Section 4
Rules of Order

Robert’s Rule of Order shall govern the proceedings at all meetings, except where
some conflicts with the Constitution or by-laws of the Local League.

Section 5

At any annual or specially called meeting of the Regular Members, any number present
shall constitute a quorum, as long as 25% of the Regular Members are present.


Section 1
Board and Number

The management of the property and the affairs of the Local League shall be vested
in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall not be less than ten (10) or more
than twenty (20) Members. The Directors shall upon election immediately enter upon the
performance of their duties and shall continue in office until their resignation; termination or their
successors shall have been elected. To be elected or nominated to the Executive Board a person
must have been on the Board of Directors for a minimum of one year.

Section 2
Required Members

The Board Membership shall include the Officers, including Player Agent, and a minimum
of one league manager. The number of managers elected to the Board shall not
exceed a minority of the total Board members.

Section 3
Annual Election and Term of Office

At each annual meeting the previous board shall determine the number of the Directors
to be elected for the ensuing year and same shall elect such number of Directors.
The number so fixed may, within the limits prescribed in the foregoing Section 1, be
increased at any regular or specially called meeting of the Members and if the number is
increased, the additional Directors may be elected at the meeting at which the increase is
voted, or at any subsequent meeting. All elections of the Board shall be by majority
vote of all Members present at the time of the meeting.

Section 4

If any vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors, by death, resignation or otherwise, it
may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors at any regular or specially called
meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 5
Meeting, Notice and Quorum

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held immediately following the annual
election and on such days thereafter as shall be determined by the Board. The President
or Secretary may whenever either of them deems it advisable, and the Secretary shall, at
the request in writing of five (5) Directors, issue a call for a special meeting of the Board.

Notice of each meeting shall be given by the Secretary to each Director either by mail at least
three (3) days before the time appointed for the meeting to the last recorded address of each
Director, or by telephone or personal notice preceding the meeting.

A minimum of ten (10) or 50% of the Board Members or the entire Executive Board at
a meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 6
Duties and Powers

The Board of Directors shall have the power to appoint such standing committees as it shall
determine and to delegate such powers to them as the Board shall deem advisable and which it
may properly delegate.

The Board may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its meeting
and the management of the Local League as it may deem proper.

The Board shall have the power by two-thirds vote of those present at any regularly or specially
called meeting to discipline, suspend or remove any Director of Officer or Committee member(s)
of the Local League in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article III, Section 4-(A).

The Board shall receive at the annual meeting of the Regular Members of the Local League a
report verified by the President and Treasurer, or by a majority of the Directors, showing the
whole amount of the real and personal property owned by it, where located, and where and how
invested, the amount and nature of the property acquired during the year immediately proceeding,
the date of the report and the manner of the acquisition, the amount applied, appropriated or
expended during the year immediately preceding such date, objects, or title to or for which
such applications, appropriations or expenditures have been made. A copy of such report shall
be forwarded to Little League Headquarters.


Section 1
Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors may appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three (3)
and not more than five (5) Directors. The Committee shall investigate and consider eligible
candidates and submit at the annual meeting a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors.

The Committee shall also submit for consideration by the Board of Directors a slate of
Officers and Committee Members.

Section 2
Auditing Committee

The Board of Directors shall appoint an Auditing Committee consisting of three (3) Directors.
The President, Secretary and signatories of checks are not eligible. The Committee shall review
the Local League books and records annually prior to the annual meeting and attach a statement of
their findings to the annual financial statement of the President and Treasurer; or may, if directed
by the Board of Directors, secure the services of a Certified Public Accountant to accomplish such review.


Section 1

The Executive Board Officers of the Local League shall consist of a President, Executive Vice President,
a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Safety Officer and a Player Agent. The Board of Directors may appoint
such other Officers as it may deem necessary or desirable and may prescribe the powers and duties of
each and may fill any vacancy which may occur in any office.

Section 2

The President shall:

(A) Conduct the affairs of the Local League and execute the policies established by the
Board of Directors.

(B) Present a report on the condition of the Local League at the annual meeting of the
Regular Members.

(C) Communicate to the Board of Directors, such matters as deemed appropriate, and
make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare of the Local League.

(D) Be responsible for the conduct of the Local League in conformity to the policies,
principles and Rules and Regulations as set forth by the Board of the Local League.

(E) Designate in writing, other Officers, if necessary, to have power to make and execute
for/and in the name of the Local League such contracts and leases as may have received
prior approval of the Board.

(F) Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the Local League
and report thereon to the Board as circumstances warrant.

(G) Prepare, sign and submit to Little League Headquarters, team rosters, including
players’ claimed, and the Tournament Team eligibility affidavit.

(H) Apply for charters from the Little League Baseball, Incorporated for the Local League
and shall do all things to obtain and maintain such charters.

(I) Prepare and present to the Board for approval an annual budget for expenditures.

Section 3
Executive Vice President

In case of the absence or disability of the President, and provided he/she is authorized by the
President or the Board to so act, the Executive Vice President shall perform the 
duties of the
President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of that office, and shall 
have such other
duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors or 
by the President.

Section 4

The Secretary shall:

(A) Be responsible for recording the activities of the Local League and maintaining
appropriate files, mailing lists and necessary records.

(B) Perform such duties as are herein specifically set forth, in addition to such other duties as are
customarily incident to the office of Secretary or as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

(C) Maintain a list of Regular Members, Directors and Committee Members and give notice
of all meetings of the Local League, the Board of Directors and committees.

(D) Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Members and Board of Directors and cause
them to be recorded in a book kept for that purpose.

(E) Conduct all correspondence not otherwise specifically delegated in connection with said meetings
and shall be responsible for carrying out all orders, votes and resolutions not otherwise committed.

(F) Notify Directors, Officers, and Committee Members of their election or appointment.

(G) Responsible for publicity concerning annual meeting, registration etc.

Section 5

The Treasurer shall:

(A) Be responsible for the financial activities of the Local League by maintaining the check
book and deposits, paying league debts timely, paying and tracking umpires pay,
handling disbursements/deposits of money for concession stand, receiving/depositing
all moneys associated with registration, fundraisers and sponsorship.

(B) Provide to the Board of Directors a detailed monthly checkbook reconciliation, a
profit/loss statement and an itemized incomes/expense statement.

(C) At the Annual Meeting of Regular Members and Board of Directors, provide a year-end
profit/loss statement and an itemized income/expense statement. These statements
should coincide with the Local Leagues fiscal year (10/01 thru 09/30).

(D) Compile information necessary (Balance sheet, checkbook register, itemized
income/expense statement, profit/loss statement, list of all equipment purchases, and a
list of league officers with their social security numbers) for the filing of the Local
Leagues Income Tax Return. Deliver and communicate with a tax professional. The
Local League’s Tax Return must be postmarked no later then February 15th annually.

(E) Using the detailed records kept on each umpire, file the necessary 1099-MISC income
and 1096 Transmittal forms from the IRS for any paid umpire receiving $600.00 or more during
the current calendar year. These forms must be postmarked no later than January 31st.

(F) Maintain files on the above-mentioned records according to the Local Leagues fiscal year.

(G) Conduct regular and usual correspondence dealing with the Local Leagues financial
matters such as those involving suppliers and vendors.

Section 6
Player Agent

The Player Agent shall:

(A) Assist Vice Presidents in checking proof of age documents and eligibility of players.

(B) Assist each Vice President within his/her Division in enforcing and maintaining the safety code.

(C) Prepare for the Presidents signature and submission to Little League Headquarters,players’ rosters,
including players claimed and Tournament Team eligibility affidavit.

(D) Notify Little League Headquarters of any subsequent player replacements or trades within the Local League.

(E) Conduct the player draft and all other player selections or transactions with the Local League.

(F) Insure that all players that are tournament qualified have and successfully attended a spring tryout session.
Those players that did not tryout will not be tournament eligible.

Section 7
Safety Officer

The Safety Officer shall:

(A) Be responsible for insuring that all the playing fields and areas in and around the baseball
fields are safe and free from dangers.

(B) Will oversee all paperwork concerning injured player(s) or participant(s).

(C) To insure that the paperwork on the injured parties are sent in to the insurance company.

Section 8
Vice Presidents

There shall be a Vice President for each Division and the Vice President shall:

(A) Record all player transactions and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record thereof for his/her Division.

(B) Receive and review applications for player candidates and assist the Player Agent in checking residence
and age eligibility for his/her Division.

(C) Assist the Player Agent in the player draft and all other player transactions or selection meeting
within his/her Division.

(D) Notify the Player Agent of the Division of any player replacement within his/her Division.

(E) Be responsible for all activities associated with the fields for which his/her specific division uses.
This includes regular maintenance of the grounds and playing service.

(F) Schedule regular workdays to improve/repair division facilities.

(G) Be the first contact within his/her division to solve disputes or problems,
which may arise during the course of the season.

(H) Promptly reschedule all missed or rain-out games within his/her Division.


Section 1
Team Managers and Coaches shall be approved annually. The Committee, composed of the
Player Agent and Vice Presidents of the respective Divisions, shall make recommendations to the
President for appointment. Final approval shall be made by the Board of Directors. Team
Managers and Coaches shall be responsible for the selection of their teams and their actions on the field.

Section 2
The President with approval of the Board of Directors shall select an Umpire Association annually.
The Director of the Umpire Association shall be responsible for their assignments and for their actions
on the field. The Board reserves the right to bar any umpire within the Association deemed unsatisfactory.


Section 1

The Local League shall annually apply for Charter from Little League Baseball,
Incorporated and shall do all things necessary to obtain and maintain such Charter. The Local
League shall devote their entire energies to the activities authorized by such Charters and shall not
be affiliated with any other program or organization or operate any other program.

Section 2
Rules and Regulations

The Official Playing Rules and Regulations as published by Little League
Baseball, Incorporated, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, shall be binding on this Local League.

Section 3
Local League Rules

The local rules of this Local League shall be reviewed and adopted by the Board of Directors
at a meeting to be held not less than one (1) month prior to the first scheduled game of the season,
but shall in no way conflict with the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated.


Section 1
The Board of Directors shall decide all matters pertaining to the Finances of the Local League
and it shall place all income including Auxiliary funds, in a common league treasury, directing the
expenditures of same in such manner as will give no individual, team or Division an advantage
over those in competition with such individual, team or Division.

Section 2
The Board shall not permit the contribution of funds or property to individual teams but shall solicit
some for the common treasury of the Local League, thereby to discourage favoritism among teams
and to endeavor to equalize the benefit of the Local League.

Section 3
The Board shall not permit the solicitation of funds in the name of the Little League Baseball
unless all funds so raised are placed in the Local League treasury.

Section 4
The Board shall not permit the disbursement of Local League funds for other than the conduct of Little League
activities in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and policies of Little League Baseball, Incorporated.

Section 5
No Director, Officer or Member of the Local League shall receive directly or indirectly any salary,
compensation or emolument from the Local League for services rendered as Director, Officer or
Member unless those services fall outside of the regular duties as prescribed earlier. The Board
must approve any services rendered to the Local League by a regular member for compensation
and must also approve the type/amount of compensation. Such service and compensation shall be
kept as public record and available for audit by any member of the Local League.

Section 6
All moneys received, including auxiliary funds, shall be deposited to the credit of the Local League
in one or more depositories selected by the majority of the Board of Directors at any regular of
special meeting. Two (2) Officers approved by the Board of Directors shall sign all checks.

Section 7
The Fiscal Year of the Local League shall begin on the first day of October and end on the last day of September.

Section 8
Distribution of Property Upon Dissolution: Upon dissolution of the Local League and after all outstanding
debts and claims have been satisfied, the Members shall distribute the property of the Local League to such
other organizations maintaining an objective similar to that set forth herein, which are or may be entitled to
exemption under section 501-(c)-(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any future corresponding provisions.

This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or part by a majority vote at any duly
organized meeting of the Regular Members provided notice of the proposed change is included in the notice of such meeting.

This Constitution was approved by the Regular Membership on 8/8/2018.

President: Glenn 'Denver' Rice


Constitution and By-Laws (PDF)


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