Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play in SLLL?
All boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 14 whose school is contained within, or live within the geographical boundaries of SLLL are eligible and welcome to play in the league.

Where can I locate SLLL’s boundaries?
The link below is a detailed Google map of the SLLL boundaries. Please zoom in and find your address and see if your player’s residence or school is located inside the league boundary.

SLLL Boundary Map

Our child has never played baseball before. Can he or she still play at SLLL?
Yes. We welcome and encourage players of all skill level to come play in Little League baseball. Your child will play with players of his or her own age. In addition there are strict mandatory play requirements in which each team must adhere.

How do I become a sponsor for SLLL?
There are many sponsorship opportunities available including team sponsorship's, banners, field sponsorship's, etc. SLLL is a non-profit community organization (501(c)(3)) and eligible for many charitable giving programs. Please visit our Sponsorship Page for more information.

How do I volunteer to be a manager, coach or team parent?
You will have a chance to volunteer during the registration process. We are a Volunteer-Powered organization. The League’s success depends upon its volunteers. All donated time is appreciated and there is something to do for everyone.

In addition to the joy and satisfaction you will get through working with the players, many employers will match your volunteer time with money! SLLL is a non-profit community organization (501(c)(3)) and eligible for many charitable giving programs.

Who is my player’s Manager? When will I know?
Managers of SLLL are approved by the Board of Directors. All players will be contacted by their new manager within a day or so after their draft is concluded.

My child and his best friend both want to play on the same team. Can we request this?
In general, no. By way of the draft system, the league strives to achieve, as best as possible, parity in skills among the teams.

I want my child to play for a particular coach. Can I request this?
You may request a certain coach but there is no guarantee your request will be granted.

I do not want my child to play for a particular coach. Can I request this?
You may make such a request by indicating so on your registration form.

What is included in the fees?
In the fall, players are provided with a Uniform Cap and Dry-Fit T-shirt. In the spring, players are provided with a Uniform Cap, Jersey, Belt and Socks. The coaches equipment bags will have catcher’s gear and may have additional batting helmets however it is recommended that players have their own batting helmet and bat. The league provides umpires (all divisions except T-Ball), as well as the cost of maintaining the facilities.

What equipment will I need to provide?
All players must bring their own glove, baseball pants and cleats. It is recommended that all players wear a protective cup (required to play catcher position).

Players commonly also bring their own; 

Batting helmet
Bat [Note there are Bat Restrictions]

What are evaluations? Does my player have to attend?
Yes, your player MUST attend evaluations. Evaluations are a brief skills assessment of a players hitting, throwing and fielding abilities. The evaluation assists in assuring balanced teams. Players in our T-Ball and PeeWee divisions do not have evaluations. All other players will have to attend evaluations during the time allocated to the division they desire to play in.

When and where are the games, practices?
Games and practices vary from week to week. You will receive your complete game schedule prior to the 1st game. As you know, it rains significantly in Texas which will cause schedule disruptions. Your player will usually be scheduled for no more than 3 baseball events (games and practices) per week. We strive to have all games Monday through Friday leaving Saturdays open for practices and makeups. Games and practices will be at the SLLL city baseball fields.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Check out our Board of Directors contact page. 

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