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May, 2021

SLLL Annual Meeting

Sugar Land Little League

Annual Meeting

When: Monday, May 17, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Where: Sugar Land Little League (Jim Cooper Room)(Pool Room)

Agenda: 2021 Annual Meeting Agenda
  1. Establish Quorum

  2. Reading of Minutes from previous Annual Meeting

  3. Reports from Officers and Guests
    a. Presidents Report
    b. Treasurers Report
    c. Player Agents Report
    d. Safety Report

  4. Elections of Officers
    Executive Board, Treasurer

  5. Board Membership Elections (Needs)
    Marketing // Events // Social Media
    Uniforms //Trophies // Fundraising // Pictures
    Team Parent Coordinator
    Coaching Coordinator
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Commissioners (All Divisions)

  6. Member Forum

  7. Adjournment


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