League Age Chart

Use the Little League Age Determination Chart below to assess the "league age" for your player. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the age of a player on August 31 of the current year and through the Spring season following. Sugar Land Little League has several divisions that are grouped by league age to make the competition fair for all players.

League Age      Division
4      Tee Ball or Pee Wee*
5      Tee Ball or Pee Wee*
6      Pee Wee or
     Machine Pitch A (38 mph)*
7      Machine Pitch AAA (42 mph)
8      Machine Pitch AAA (42 mph)
9      Minors
10      Minors
11      Majors
12      Majors
13      Intermediate
14      Juniors (Spring Only)

Play-Up Requests
Sugar Land Little League will review requests to "play-up" into a division ahead of where the league age determines a player to be in a given season. Requests must be made prior to evaluations so that the player can be evaluated in both divisions. Applications to play-up must be submitted in writing by email to the league Player Agent and will be reviewed and approved or denied on an individual basis by the Board of Directors. Play up requests are only honored in the season being requested and will not follow the player indefinitely.

Additionally, the player must be drafted in the first four rounds of the division they are requesting to play in. If they are not drafted in the first four rounds then they will automatically be drafted into the division that their league age defines for them.

Please understand the play up requests will ultimately made in the best interests of the league as a whole and not just the individual. In some situations we may ask for a player to play up in the interest of the league.

Player Agent
[email protected]

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