Juniors Ground Rules

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2019 Junior Ground Rules (pdf)

Sugar Land Little League


The 2019 Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules shall
govern the “Playing Rules” for the Junior Division.

The Sugar Land Little League Junior Division Ground Rules listed below are additional,
modified, or detailed explanations of the “Playing Rules” for the Junior Division only.

1. SCHEDULED GAME START TIME: All games shall begin promptly at the scheduled start time. If a team is unable to field at least 9 players by the game’s scheduled start time, both managers should find a time to reschedule the game in conjunction with the VP.  If the game cannot be rescheduled, the game will be cancelled.

2. CURFEW: There is a 1 hour 50 minute time limit; however, no new inning may begin after 10:30 PM per Reg. X (a).

3. LENGTH OF GAMES: All games shall consist of seven (7) innings (6 ½ if home team is ahead), unless the game is shortened by the umpire due to run rule, time, weather, etc.; or lengthened due to a tie. The ten-run rule applies after 5 innings (4-1/2 if the home team is ahead).  All shortened games must consist of at least 5 innings (4 ½ if home team is ahead) to be considered a complete game. Games tied after 7 innings will be considered complete and recorded as a tie.

4. RUN RULE: There will be no run rule per inning.  The ten-run rule applies after 5 innings (4-1/2 if the home team is ahead).

5. LENGTH BETWEEN INNINGS: Teams shall change positions as rapidly as possible at the end of each inning. Play should resume within 2 minutes after the last out of the previous half inning. The Pitcher may take up to 8 warm-up pitches in between each inning, if within the 2 minutes.

6. RAIN-OUTS: Rain-out games shall be rescheduled by the League Junior Division VP. In the event a team cannot field enough players on the initial makeup date, and notifies the Junior Division VP and Opposing Manager 24 hours prior to the scheduled game time, a second date will be set. If said team cannot make the 2nd makeup date, that team shall forfeit – the game score will be recorded as 7-0.

7. COACHES: Each team is allowed 1 manager and 2 coaches.  Base coaches will consist of 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 player (the player must wear a helmet and may only coach 1st base).  No defensive coaches will be allowed on the field.

8. BATTING ORDER: Each team may elect to use a continuous batting order with unrestricted substitutions, or bat 9 with substitutions. The manager or coach of each team shall declare which option they are using during the pregame meeting with the plate umpire and opposing manager/coach. The mandatory play rule applies to each option.

a. Note on Rule 6.02-c : SLLL has chosen to implement this option regarding the batter remaining in the box with at least one foot throughout the at bat.  There are exceptions to this rule…please see Rule 6.02-c in the 2019 LL Rule Book.

9. PLAYERS: The Junior division is for league age 13/14 players.

10. SUBSTITUTIONS: Plate umpires should be given a copy of the batting order during the pregame meeting between the managers and umpires.  Managers are to notify the plate umpire and official score keeper of all substitutions, courtesy runners, etc. throughout the game. Announcement of defensive players should be done during the 2 minutes between innings, or immediately if done during an inning (i.e. Pitcher changes). Announcement of offensive substitutions shall be done before the substitution batter enters the batting box.

11. MANDATORY PLAY: For the Continuous Batting Order Option, each player on the team’s roster and present at the start of the game shall play a minimum of six (6) outs and may not sit more than 2 consecutive innings.  For the Bat 9 Batting Order Option, each player on the team’s roster and present at the start of the game shall play a minimum of six (6) consecutive outs and one (1) at bat.  The penalty for violating the mandatory play rule will be assessed to the Manager as follows:

1st Offense – Suspended from next scheduled game,
2nd Offense – Suspended from the following (2) two games,
3rd Offense – Manager will be removed from the league as a manager.
[EXCEPTION: for weather, shortened games, illness, injury]

12. DUGOUT ASSIGNMENTS: The Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout while the Visiting team will occupy the 1st base dugout.

13. PITCHERS & CATCHERS: Pitchers removed from the game as a pitcher may return to the mound as a pitcher later in the game (as long as he moved to a different defensive position), once per game, as long as the pitcher has not reached the maximum daily pitch count. Pitchers that throw 41 pitches cannot play the position of catcher the remainder of the day. Catchers that catch 3 full innings cannot play the position of pitcher the remainder of the game; and catchers that catch less than 3 innings and then pitch, cannot return as a catcher the remainder of the game.

a. Pitchers must not pitch more than the Little League rules allow…

14 year league age – maximum 95 pitches
13 year league age – maximum 95 pitches
12 year league age – maximum 85 pitches

b. Pitch count rest days will comply with the Rule Book as follows:

66 or more pitches – (4) four calendar days rest
51-65 pitches – (3) three calendar days rest
36-50 pitches – (2) two calendar days rest
21-35 pitches – (1) one calendar days rest
1-20 pitches – (0) days rest

There are no exceptions to these rules.

14. BALKS: No warnings will be given and balks will be enforced.

15. PROTESTS: Only rule infraction protests will be allowed. All disputes must be settled within 5 minutes, by the Lead Umpire. The Manager may, with rule book in hand and permission from the Lead Umpire, question a call regarding a ruling. The Umpires decision at the end of 5 minutes is final. JUDGEMENT CALLS CAN NOT BE PROTESTED.

16. ON-DECK BATTER: The next batter in the line-up is allowed to be outside the dugout in the designated “on-deck” area. The designated “on-deck” are for both teams shall be on the 1st base side (visitors’ dugout) if a left-handed batter is batting; and the 3rd base side (home dugout) if a right- handed batter is batting. If no runners are on base, the on-deck batter shall retrieve passed or foul balls for the umpire and/or opposing team’s catcher.


a. The home team shall be responsible for making sure the field is prepared before each game (putting out bases, marking the field, lightly watering, etc.)

b. The home team shall provide the official scorekeeper and the visiting team shall provide the scoreboard operator and official pitch counter. After the game, the scorekeeper & pitch counter shall have both Managers and Umpires sign the scorebook & pitch count.

c. Both teams are responsible for picking up the trash in their respective dugouts.

d. The visiting team is responsible for raking and watering the field after the game.

18. INJURY REPORT: An injury report must be filled out for every injury, no matter how minor. Forms can be found in the concession area or ask the Board Member on Duty. The incident must be reported to the league Safety Manager within 24 hours of the injury.

19. END OF SEASON PLAYOFFS: Playoffs will be determined by the League VP.

20. TOURNAMENT “ALL-STARS” TEAMS: An All Star team will be selected according to SLLL rules.

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