Sugar Land Little League COVID-19 Resumption Plan

By way of social media, website, emails, our annual meeting and on-site signage, we at Sugar Land Little League will encourage our families, fans, players, coaches, and staff to take the following measures when we resume playing baseball:

1. Wash Hands Often:

>Individuals should wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or about the time it takes to recite the Little League Pledge twice.

>Individuals should utilize sanitizer stations that will be placed behind each field, inside dugouts, and at concessions.

>Individuals should bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use.

2. Wear Cloth Face Coverings:

>All employees, volunteers, players, families, and fans 10 years old and older must wear a face covering (over the nose and mouth) wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another individual not in the same household or, for those engaging in physical activities outdoors, wherever the individual is not able to maintain a safe physical distance from others, not in the same household.

>Players under 10 years of age will be required to wear cloth face coverings when in close contact areas and in places where recommended social distancing is challenging or not feasible, such as in dugouts.

>Players will be permitted to wear a cloth face covering on the field during gameplay, if physically able to do so, based on any directive of a medical provider or individual determination of the player/parent/guardian/caretaker.

3. Cover Coughs and Sneezes:

>Individuals should throw used tissues in the trash immediately, and immediately wash hands or use sanitizer.

4. Social Distance:

>Individuals should limit contact wherever possible, including keeping a minimum of 6 feet away from individuals not from their own household especially in common areas.

>Fans and families are encouraged to bring their own chairs or bleacher seats.

Additional Rules to be Implemented:

1. No Handshakes/Personal Contact Celebrations

>Players and coaches should take measures to prevent all but the essential contact necessary to play the game. This should include refraining from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc. Players will line up outside the dugout and tip caps to the opposing team as a sign of good sportsmanship after a game.

>Players and families should vacate the field/facility as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of their game to minimize unnecessary contact with players, coaches, and spectators from the next game, ideally within 20 minutes.

2. No Team Drinks and Snacks

>Athletes, managers/coaches, and umpires should bring their own personal drinks to all team activities. Drinks should be labeled with the person’s name.

>There should be no use of shared or team beverages.

>Teams should not share any snacks or food. Players should bring individual, pre-packaged food if needed.

3. Concessions

>Concessions will be open for families who choose to use it at their own discretion.

>All staff in the kitchen/handling register will wear gloves and face coverings.

>Kitchen staff will have temperature screenings before shifts.

>Markings will be made on the grounds in front of the concessions to remind individuals to maintain social distancing when placing and waiting for orders.

>Hand sanitization stations will be made available for customers.

>Concessions will provide condiments only upon request, and in single-use (non-reusable) portions.

>Contactless payment will be encouraged. Where not possible, contact should be minimized. Volunteers/employees will wash or sanitize after the payment process, and customers will be encouraged to do likewise.

>SLLL will train all employees/volunteers on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.

>All employees/volunteers will wash or sanitize their hands upon entering concessions, and between interactions with customers.

>All employees/volunteers will maintain at least 6 feet of separation from other individuals. If such distancing is not feasible, measures such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitation will be rigorously practiced.

>SLLL will regularly and frequently clean and disinfect any commonly touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, tables, and chairs.

>SLLL will disinfect any items that come into contact with customers.

>SLLL will make hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, soap, and water, or similar disinfectant readily available to employees, volunteers, and customers.

4. Dugouts

>Players and managers/coaches should wear a cloth face covering while in the dugout.

>Managers/coaches and players and their equipment will be assigned spots in the dugout.

>Players are to stay at their assigned spots when on the bench or while waiting for their turn to bat.

5. Player Equipment

>All players are asked to have their own individual batting helmet, bat, gloves; and required to have their own batting helmet.

>Player equipment will be spaced accordingly inside the dugout to prevent direct contact.

>Players should have their own individual batter’s helmet, glove, bat, and catcher’s equipment.

>Measures should be enacted to avoid or minimize, equipment sharing when feasible.

>Some critical equipment may not be able to be obtained by every individual. When it is necessary to share critical or limited equipment, all surfaces of each piece of shared equipment will be disinfected. Increased attention will be paid to detailed cleaning of all equipment directly contacting the head and face (catcher’s mask, helmets).

>Player’s families are encouraged to clean/disinfect equipment (e.g. bags, helmets, bats, gloves, etc.) after games.

>To facilitate, each team will be provided two catchers helmets, and catching equipment will be disinfected between use.

6. Baseballs

>Baseballs will be disinfected between innings.

7. Spitting, Sunflower Seeds, Gum, etc.

>Sunflower seeds, gum, etc., will not be allowed in dugouts or on the playing field.

>All players and coaches are to refrain from spitting at all times, including in dugout areas and playing fields.

8. Pre-Game Plate Meetings

>Social distancing will be implemented during all pre-game plate meetings between teams and umpires.

>Plate meetings should only consist of one manager or coach from each team and game umpires.

>No players should ever be a part of plate meetings.

 9. Equipment Inspection

>Players should place their individual equipment in a well-spaced out manner for inspection.

>Umpires should avoid direct contact with equipment where possible but, when required, use hand sanitizer after inspection.

10. Limit League/Game Volunteers

>Practices should be limited to the managers/coaches and players and one parent. Siblings and other family members are discouraged to attend.

>During practice and games, press boxes use will be limited to scoreboard keeper and up to two other volunteers.

11. Field Preparation and Maintenance

>Fields will be mowed, raked, and lined prior to teams and spectators arriving at the fields and after they depart. Volunteers already participating in the game (managers/coaches, umpires, and league administrators) will perform these tasks to limit individuals at the site.

12. Umpires

>Umpires should wear PPE whenever applicable and possible, such as cloth face coverings.

13. League Communications

>SLLL will communicate to all League members of our updated guidelines.

>SLLL will require a waiver to be signed by each player’s parent/guardian both at the point of registration (electronic copy) and at player evaluations (hard copy).

>SLLL will regularly remind families via social media to a) watch for symptoms and if exhibiting any symptoms, please stay home, b) maintain good hygiene at all times.

>SLLL will appoint a Board member to facilitate the adjustments for the new season.

>SLLL will put up signage around the fields to remind families of the new rules and recommendations.

>At player evaluations, SLLL will provide notice to all parents and guardians of the enhanced risks of participants being in direct contact with anyone age 65 or older for 14 days after participating in a sports event or practice.

In addition, if any player, fan, family member, staff or board member exhibits any symptoms (fever, chills, etc.) while on-site, they will be asked to leave immediately along with any family members, and follow up with the League as to their health (and if tested, their results).

Positive COVID-19 Response Plan

Should any players, coaches, volunteers, or board members test positive for COVID-19, SLLL will immediately notify the appropriate teams. Those exposed to the COVID-19 positive individual will be asked to monitor and notify the league immediately if they experience any symptoms. Any COVID-19 positive players, coaches, volunteers, or board members who wish to return or resume play will be required to complete one of the following and submit proof to the SLLL Board.

        1. Obtain a negative PCR test, and 24 hours have passed since start of symptoms; OR, 
        2. Obtain a note from a physician indicating an alternative diagnosis, and 24 hours have passed since start of symptoms; OR, 
        3. At least 24 hours have passed since recovery defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications; symptoms have improved; and at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

Sugar Land Little League Events

For any SLLL-sponsored events, such as Opening Day, Sugar Land Little League will keep the previous protocol in place, as well as the following:

>Keep events outdoors

>Encourage disposable masks for all participants (e.g., coaches, volunteers, and players) age 10 and over

>Encourage all participants and observers/fans to remain socially distant, wear masks if age 10 or older, and wash hands often

>Provide hand sanitizer

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